Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 4, 2016

Winter is coming!!! I've had to unpack my winter clothes yet again and accept the fact that I live in Finland. It is still so weird to me!

What an amazing week, we had the opportunity to watch a couple sessions of conference over the weekend. The only ones I haven't seen yet are the priesthood session and the Sunday evening session because of the time change. It was so great meeting together with a combined group of 10 missionaries that came to watch and we even had an investigator come to two sessions. I had written out some questions that had been on my mind beforehand and they were all answered. I can't believe I used to sleep through conference!!! I love hearing from our amazing church leaders and of course our amazing Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. How incredible is it that we have a living day prophet and the same organization of the church as when Jesus Christ was on the Earth? I feel so blessed to be able to live at such a time as when we can hear from the prophet and his twelve apostles. Most importantly, my testimony that Jesus Christ leads this church and directs our leaders grew. 

After our investigator had watched the Saturday evening session with us we went to go talk to him to see what he thought. Here is how that conversation went:

          Us: ''Well what did you think?''

          Investigator: ''I'm convinced.''

          Me: ''What does that mean...''

          Investigator: '' When can we meet again, I want to be baptized. This is true.'' 

So that happened. We set a baptismal date for him next month and we are so excited! It's impossible to watch general conference and not know it's true if you have a sincere heart.

I love this church so much and know that it is true. I love our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson and all of our church leaders. I have a testimony that Jesus Christ is our savior.

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