Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 28, 2016

So I decided to email before sending pictures this week so that I can actually send a decent sized email. So apparently the district leaders who told our group that we could email on our free time were actually being super disobedient and I feel really bad for sending emails throughout the week because I didn't know. So I will only email on Thursdays now. It really feels like I've been here all of five seconds. Time is so weird in the MTC.

Here is a Finnish tongue twister:
Kokko, kokoo kokoon koko kokko.
Koko kokkoko?
Koko kokko.


Here is the translation:
Kokko(name), gather together the whole bonfire.
The whole bonfire?
The whole bonfire.


But actually Suomi(Finnish) is a really beautiful language and I can at least pronounce most of the words now even if one word is like 20 syllables. We read the Suomi Mormonin Kirja (BOM) every day and that really helps. I can now say from memory Ja tahpatui (and it came to pass) very well. Also my English is getting worse. It's the joke in our district that we can't speak Suomi and we can't speak English. We just can't. My teachers here are amazing and so is my companion Sisar Carter. 

Before the MTC she worked in an assisted care living home for the elderly, her job consisted of helping people shower, cleaning up vomit, and poop and really gross stuff. She told our group that "You know it's a bad day when you're praying for solids." So now whenever we are getting stressed about the language we just say "solids" to remind ourselves how truly blessed we are. 

Apparently there are three stages of being on a mission.
1- the honeymoon phase 2- the hostile phase 3-the grin and bear it stage 4- enduring to the end stage
I would say that I'm halfway between 3 and 4. Definitely stage 3 in Suomi class.

I have recently learned that the average weight gain for my mission is 20-30 pounds!!!!! That cannot happen! Keep me in your prayers that I might resist the urge to eat the infinite amount of cookies and cheesecake brownies they try and distract us with at the MTC. We describe the food here as aggressively average. Although the other day I had a pretty sweet panini. We have MTC service projects every Wednesday morning from 6:25-7:40. (IN THE A.M.) I can now say that I have cleaned a men's restroom and I have concluded that boys are gross. Other than Wednesdays I start everyday at 6:30. I have breakfast and then depending on the days schedule I either go to class first or go workout first for an hour (it's awesome because half the time we just play volleyball). The three hour class in the morning is divided up equally between personal study (Just scriptures,preach my gospel, and writing in my journal.), companionship study ( we just plan our Finnish lessons for our fake investigator), and my favorite- language/grammar study. I love grammar soooooo much they only have like a million little rules that don't make any sense. And even our grammar book just gives up explaining things. There are literally passages that say that you can only learn some things in time so they don't feel the need to explain it entirely. So I only have to memorize the entire language "in time". Half the time we ask our teachers to explain certain things about grammar and they think about it for a second and then say "myöhemmin" or later.

Then we have lunch and then we go back for class from 1:15-5:25 although we usually get let out an hour early because FINNISH. We teach our fake investigator in this block and we study how to teach with the spirit and usually we do some grammar work. They teach us all of this only in Finnish and as always with a lot of pointing and charades. I definitively understand a lot more than I can say. Like A LOT. It's crazy that it's only been 2 weeks. Sisar Carter and I have written down the Finnish for "I will answer that in the next lesson" and we say it all the time because we can never respond but we almost always understand the question. Then dinner is 5:25- 6:10 and then class from 6:10- 9:30 but we get out at 9:10 every night. Bed time (yes we have bedtime) is at 10:30 and we LOVE bedtime so very very much. Our days are pretty regular and on Tuesdays we have devotionals instead of our last class which are really cool because it's always a member of the 70. On Thursdays we still wake up at 6:30 but we are allowed power naps throughout the day. Power naps are love. Power naps are life. We have scheduled temple time but everything else is optional until 6:10 when we still have the last class of the day.
I'm doing great here.

Minä teidän etta Jumala vastaa rukoiksiin. Minä todistan, etta me voimme teitää, että Mormonin kirja on totta, ja jos me rukoilemme ja että Phyä Henki opettaa meitä hiljaisten tunteiden välittyksellä. Minä todistan etta Jumala ja Jeesus Kristus ja Phyä Henki on aina läsnä.Teidän, että tämä on totta Phyän Hengen kautta. Jeesuksen Kristuksen nimessä. Aamen.

I know that God answers prayers. I testify, that we will be able to know, that the Book of Mormon is true, and if we say a prayer the Holy Ghost teaches us through quiet feelings. I testify that God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are always there. I know this is true through the Holy Ghost. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.  


Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 21, 2016

Moi! So I'm finally starting to understand the MTC saying that "a day is a week and a week is a day." Every day here is SO long but at the end of the week it feels like i haven't even been here very long at all. Going to the Embassy on Tuesday was a really fun day. We woke up at 2:30 am to be at the travel office at 3:30 am and then our flight was at like 7:30. When we got to L.A. the embassy was about half an hour away and we had an interview and we had our fingerprints taken. Then we took a taxi shuttle back to the airport but we stopped at In-and-Out Burger on the way and it was sooooo yummy! We had a cool Russian driver who tried to pass along his wisdom of the best ways to cure a hangover and the best vodkas, so of course the whole way to the airport Sister Margetts tried to convert him. We ended up giving him pass along card =) 

Something i experienced being out in the real world is the staring, and it was so surreal to be the center of attention because everyone recognizes the name tag. We had several members and RM's come up to us throughout the day to talk to us and we even ran into an elder going home from the end of his mission. It was so cool and we talked with him for like an hour. Later I ran into one of the Tanavasa's relatives at the airport! The world is so small, he said he lives in Hawaii and served in Samoa and had only been off of his mission for like 2 months...I don't remember his name but it was a crazy coincidence. 

I don't have a lot of time to write so i might have to go soon but this week has been amazing, I'm doing great and i know I'm supposed to be here. We keep teaching our fake investigator every day which is mostly just a really frustrating experience because I can understand about half of what she says but i can never answer her questions because of my very limited vocabulary. However, yesterday i made sure to relax and Sisar Carter and I wrote out very simple testimonies in Finnish. When i bore my testimony in Finnish during the lesson I got hit with the spirit and I started to cry. It made me understand what the gift of tongues is all about, I still had to read off of my notes but for the first time I wasn't worried about the pronunciation. I knew that even in my very simple testimony everything I was saying was absolutely true. I testified of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I told Anna (our investigator) about the Holy Ghost confirming the truth of the gospel and how prayer can give us the answers we seek. I closed in the name of Jesus Christ and I just received a very simple confirmation that I can do this and I am supposed to be here and that I will be able to speak Finnish even if the task is pretty daunting right now. I love this church so much. The spirit has been so strong I cannot even begin to describe it. I love you guys!


Sisar Roberts


January 18, 2016

Sister Chelsea Lynn Roberts 
Finland Helsinki Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 East
Provo, UT 84602

My mailing information is above. This past Sunday has been amazing. We went to a district meeting ( the 6 of us going to Finland and our branch leaders) and then we had time for a temple walk. It is gorgeous in Utah and the Provo temple is amazing. It's been snowing off and on for the past couple of days so that's been fun. I have used an incredible amount of chap stick, you would not even believe. Then we had relief society later and then sacrament with the entire zone. Right now the zone is just us 6 Finns and the Danes (they're going to Denmark) and we just call them the great Danes because they're pretty cool. We only have 3 guys in the whole zone so passing the sacrament took a while. We are expecting 17 total new missionaries to be added to our zone next wednesday and they're all Sweden and Norway, I think it's 16 sisters and one elder in that group. Our zone has so much girl power and apparently this never happens. I went to choir practice after dinner and I basically slept through the whole thing because they still keep you pretty busy on Sundays. We had an AMAZING fireside by Janice Kapp Perry and she was sooooooo funny! She's in her 80's and she was telling us the story of how she and her husband met in a band class and how the first lines he ever said to her was" those lips look like they're made for something better than playing clarinet" and when she said that Brother Perry who was with her on stage walked up and planted a big kiss on her in front of the entire MTC! It was the best thing ever

I have to go but i will finish telling you everything in my next email!
Love,Sisar Roberts   

January 14, 2016

So we just had Branch Presidency meeting and if i didn't emphasize it enough before THE SPIRIT IS SO STRONG HERE! All of my irritation and my exhaustion and my worries just left the building. I'm sure that those feelings will return but it feels as if whenever I start to doubt myself the spirit decides to remind me why I came out here. The church is true! The leaders and missionaries in the branch are so amazing! We all went around and shared the reason we decided to go on a mission and the spirit was so incredibly strong! I am so glad to be here and I know that I can do this! Please keep me in your prayers, this language is insane! It's crazy how easy and fast it is to love somebody here. It feels as if I've been here for two weeks already because the days are so long and busy. 


Sisar Roberts

January 14, 2016

I have arrived! So the MTC is amazing, the spirit here is so strong! There are about 2000 missionaries here so far and every one is super welcoming and nice. My companion's name is Jessica! But I have to call her Sisar Carter which is still really weird. So in my district there are only 6 of us and 4 of us are girls. The four of us are all in the same room and we practice Finnish together, the other companions are Sisar Burden and Sisar Margetts and all of the girls are from Utah and they're all 19 so I'm the oldest.They are all super sweet and we all get along so far. The elders are called Vanheim Christian and Vanheim Sellers (I'm not sure about the spelling). I don't have a lot of time to write but i love it here and they keep us super busy. LIKE SO BUSY. I have to teach a fake investigator a lesson in Finnish tomorrow with Sisar Carter and that is definitely going to be interesting seeing as I can't speak Finnish. The language is incredibly difficult and I just got out of a 3 hour class and the teachers only speak in Finnish and will continue to do so until we leave. I will be saying my prayers in Finnish from tonight on so it might take me a while but I'm sure the Lord will probably still understand me or at least what I mean to say. They made a new rule here at the MTC that started just this year that you can email home whenever you have free time (btw my p-days are on thursday in the MTC) so i might email home more than once a week but honestly I might not because like I said I'm soooooo busy and literally every Finnish lesson gives me a huge headache that lasts like the entire day. They expect so much of you here and it's kind of a lot of pressure but at the same time I've never felt this close to Christ before so it's definitely worth it. We get to go to the temple on P-days so I'll be going next Thursday. I forgot my camera in my room so i will have to send pictures next time (SORRY MOM DON'T HATE ME). I'm glad I'm here even if the language seems really impossible now I know that the Lord qualifies who he calls and I pray like every ten minutes for the gift of tongues. I love you and I'll write back as soon as I can....maybe next week.


Love, Sisar Roberts

btw you have to roll every single "r" in the Finnish language so introducing myself in Finnish is super fun. =)

Chelsea's Mission Call - September 2, 2015