Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 11, 2016

Sistar Roberts' work area!

Apartment Kitchen
Helsinki train station

Did I say mention last week that winter is coming? Well it's already here! I had to unpack my winter clothes this past week and get used to the days getting darker and darker. After having the summer here with even the nights filled with sunshine it is so weird to have my nights be dark again. But all is good! We have had some amazing experiences and we have been blessed to be finding more and more people to share the gospel with! 

I have such a testimony now of not complaining and just getting to work. If we are outside, even if it's cold and dark out and we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, we will be blessed with people to teach. It has been a humbling experience to really see why I was called to Finland. I makes me feel that my loving Heavenly Father really does have high expectations of me and I don't want to let him down! My Finnish is still coming little by little everyday but I know that the Lord qualifies whom He calls and if I try my best He can give me the words that I need to tell to people. I think I finally get the ''Helsinki slang''! Basically they don't say half of the word and they speak way fast but with the Lord's help and a lot of educated guessing it's all been going pretty well! Also realizing it is totally fine to ask things like, ''Sorry can you repeat that?'' and ''Can you say that either slower or a different way.?'' It has really helped to be straightforward and when the people see that you're trying your best to speak their language they are so loving and willing to help. And it totally breaks the ice to have a couple language fails =)

One night Sister Holbrook and I were walking back home and this woman caught up to us and said ''Hi sisters!'' Turns out she was a less active member that lives in our area that we didn't know about. She said she could see us from a mile away, even in the dark and knew we were the sister missionaries. We talked with her a bit and got her information and hope to be meeting with her soon. I just thought it was really cool that first of all she came up to us and that people really do recognize us and notice us so easily. I told Sister Holbrook that it must be because the light of Christ still shines even if it's dark outside! That'll be good for the winter months =)

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