Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016

It takes at least 5 minutes to get out the door every day because...winter!
It's supposed to snow on Wednesday!


This is our little friend who followed us around.

And our district!
Notice the awkward distance between the sisters and elders.

This past week went by so fast it's weird! We are headed of to go to interim later today and we are looking forward to the experience, especially being able to go to the temple this week.
We got to celebrate Sisar Holbrook's 20th Birthday yesterday! We celebrated with red velvet cake and an amazing dinner appointment with a great American couple that live here. After that we went right back to work! We were tracting and there was this random cat that kept following us. It even ruined one of our contacts because someone answered the door and the cat ran into their was way awkward. I am not sure what else to write but, the church is true and I love serving as a missionary here in Finland.

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