Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Me and Sisar Carter!

This past week has flown by! It started of with Sister Adams barely making her train to the mission home and Sister Carter coming back from Oulu! We have been running around going to district meeting in Jyväsklyä and back twice and watching general conference this past weekend. General conference was amazing and it was great to see our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson again. Although his talks are short now it has made me pay so much more attention to their meaning. I loved when he talked about how our testimony of the Book of Mormon cannot be understated and that we need to be reading from it daily. Unfortunately I did not read from the scriptures daily before my mission but it is also cool that I have been able to see the huge difference it has made in my personal life. And now I have a goal to never miss a day! We have another early p-day today because we are heading down to Espoo tomorrow for another leadership meeting. I am really excited for that and that we can go to the temple again with everyone. We have really been focusing on Easter and showing everyone the new video on It is amazing and there is a 8 day study schedule that I am excited to do myself to learn more about the Savior this Easter. 

Also, we have a new investigator from China that is really cool and we had to explain the difference between a ''Profit'' and a ''Prophet''. I forget sometimes that English is a really hard language as well. That's why we draw pictures in lessons! 

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