Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 11, 2017

At the leadership meeting in Espoo this past week.

Almost our whole MTC group was there!!!

It has been another great week in Tampere! I love having Sisar Carter here as my companion, doing the work with her has been such a blast. We have seen a lot of miracles here already as we have focused on following up with former investigators this past week. We seem to have success with old Finnish ladies. We also have a great investigator progressing towards baptism and the members have done so well with friend-shipping him. They have taken him to church the past two weeks and have invited him to come to institute and family night and he loves it. 
We have been preparing for zone training and we feel really good about what we'll be presenting tomorrow. It has also been good to follow along with the study topics on that started on Palm Sunday. I have felt closer to the Savior as I have learned more about His earthly ministry. 
Here in Finland they have this tradition where all of the little kids dress up and go door to door on Palm Sunday. They sing a song and give you a branch that they decorated and then you give them candy. It is kind of like our Halloween except it's on Palm Sunday there is singing and branches. You might need to Google it to get a better description. Anyways, as we were out talking to people we were asking if we were ''trick-or-treaters''. I didn't know what that meant in Finnish at the time so I was just very confused but Sisar Carter keeps her dictionary on her and so we had a good laugh about it later. We continued to talk to people and we had an interesting conversation with a man who tried to convince us that Jesus was born again in Russia and that we should go to Russia to find out for ourselves. We will not be doing that but I was again reminded that the world is filled with interesting people. 

I am excited for Easter and for the message that Christ lives and I am grateful that I can share it with others. 

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