Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25, 2017

Terve! This morning it snowed and now it's raining. I thought it was time for spring but I guess I was wrong! This week Sister Carter and I went on exchanges with the Turku 1 Sisters. We got to go to Turku which is seriously on of the most beautiful cities and it was great to do work with them there. 

Last Friday was our stake conference. Elder Charles from the Europe Area 70 and his wife came and we were able to meet talk with them! They were so sweet and it was great and also really weird to have some of the talks in church be in English! We had the 2 sets of sisters staying with us overnight for the conference. Our apartment is pretty tiny so it was a full house! It was so much fun and the spirit was so strong at the conferences. The Saturday night one was at our church building because it is the stake center. The Sunday conference was in the Tampere Talo and it was really cool to see so many members. Everyone from Turku, Tampere, Jyväsklylä, and Lahti and a couple more cities came to participate.

We have been really focusing on contacting people that have already been taught by the missionaries before and seeing if they are interested to learn again. Last night we stopped by a former investigators home and we were invited in! The woman's boyfriend was over as well so both of them became investigators. It was a great night and it helped me to see that the Lord's timing is perfect! 

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