Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

I love seeing the fruits of my labor!

This week Sisar Andersson and I got a phone call from one of our members asking us if we could teach her, her friend, and her 10 year old son English. There are a bunch of laws about teaching English in Finland and we are by no means English teachers but we are allowed to have ''English discussions''. We said that we would love to come over and do that but due to some circumstances we ended up only meeting with her friend who happens to be a non member. It was such a neat experience even though we didn't really know what we were doing. I have come to realize that English is a really hard language! Finnish has a million grammar rules but once you learn them all you're good to go! We also had the chance in our meeting to explain a little about what we believe and we are hopefully meeting with her next week. 
Transfer calls! We got our transfer calls last Friday morning and I'M TRAINING! I will be staying in Marjaniemi and be training a new missionary from the MTC. We don't have a ton of sisters in the mission at the moment so I definitely knew it was a possibility but it was still kind of surprising. I have faith though that the Lord truly directs this work and if he trusts me enough to train then I'm sure it will be great. I won't know who my new companion is until Wednesday morning when I go to the mission home. I was excited to hear that in the group of 9 sisters that's coming one sister is from Slovakia and one is from Lithuania so I might even have a chance to serve with another European companion. I really just want to help whoever it is love Finland and love this amazing missionary work that we get to do.

Although I am excited and of course a bit nervous to be training, it also means that I am saying goodbye to Sisar Andersson. She is actually at the end of her mission and will be returning home to Tampere. We both are hoping that I get to serve in her home ward at some point in my mission! It has been such an amazing transfer with her, I've learned a lot. I know that she'll continue being an amazing member missionary and continue blessing the lives of others. On Sunday after the Sunday school classes were over the whole congregation gathered together in the chapel and sang ''God be with you till we meet again.'' for Sisar Andersson and for the departing Elder from our ward. It was so sweet and you could just feel everyone's love for them and for their service. At least Sisar Andersson only lives two hours away! I'm trying to convince her to visit at some point while I'm still here. 
I love this work and I know the church is true! It has truly blessed my life and I love watching it bless the lives of others. 

We knocked on this door a couple days ago!
It says '' no religious propaganda, thanks!'' 

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