Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016

Mission tour with some familiar faces!!!

Mission Tour! We had our mission tour last Friday and we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Johnson and Elder Sabin from the Europe Area Seventy Presidency and their amazing wives. I got to see half of the mission as well and everyone from my MTC group but Sisar Margetts. It was amazing seeing them all again and to see how much we've all grown while we've been here. During conference we were reminded about the importance of members in missionary work as well as how to strengthen our wards and our investigators. We talked a lot about faith and how we need to be continually nourishing our faith daily in order to make sure that it continues to grow. I don't know if that was something I was doing very well before my mission but I have such a strong testimony now of daily scripture study and looking for and praying for those missionary moments. I loved mission tour and I know I'll never forget the wonderful spirit that was there and the things that were discussed. Also, I found out that at this moment we only have 80 missionaries in Finland! There aren't a lot of missionaries here right now but that just means that we'll be working that much harder! I know that there are people here in Finland ready to accept the gospel if we can just find them. Also, Sisar Andersson and I went to the zoo and it was pretty awesome. My only disappointment was that there were no penguins... But I've already moved past it. It was a really fun p-day and an awesome week. 

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