Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 9, 2016

Language fails of the week:
The Finnish word for ''liver'' is ''maksa'' and the word for ''cost'' is ''maksaa'' so when we were at a members house and there was this maksa paste I just thought it was a fancy or expensive paste and unfortunately I ate it. I now know the Finnish word for liver and that I do not like eating it. 

Also the other day I tried to complement my companion and she started laughing so I realized something was wrong. I was trying to say,''Minä pidän sinun hamesta.'' or ''I like your skirt'' but I actually said,'' Minä pidän sinun huumesta'' or ''I like your drugs.'' I'm just glad I said it to my companion and not to any members.

We said bye to our mini missionary yesterday. It was such a fun week with her and she really did help out so much. It was cool to see how strong her testimony and desire to serve were and it was cool having two Finnish companions. We were able to have some really nice lessons with our investigators this week and one of them said that they want to be baptized! He's a really cool man from Vietnam and he's here opening up a business in Finland. He's way busy so we don't know how often we will be able to meet with him but it was so cool to talk with him and see how strong his faith is.

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  1. Oh yes, maksa (liver pate) is hard to get down for me too. I have distinct memories of politely swallowing and trying to hide how I really felt about it.