Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7, 2016

Another month down! I never would of thought when I got my mission call to Finland that all of my investigators would be from Nigeria. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. We had a movie night planned with our investigators, the plan was to watch ''Meet the Mormons'' together and I was really excited because I had never seen it before. When we were planning the night one of our investigators said that it was time for us to try real African food. I was way excited but mostly terrified because I heard how spicy African food is. So we went and it was a blast we all really enjoyed the movie and then it was time for African food! I tried this doughy thing called manna and you have to rip off pieces and dip it in this spicy soup, and you eat it all with your hands. (She offered us a fork but I wanted to be super African.)  There was also rice with a spinach and salmon dish. It was so good. I just had to drink a lot of water. After we had finished eating she just looked at us and said ''Usually white people complain about the spice.'' I think we earned some respect that day. 

Unfortunately Sister Hayter and I had the flu last Friday and Saturday and had to stay inside for two days. It was definitely an interesting experience, at first we tried to ignore the sickness and go to our lessons anyways but that was really not a good idea....But we are 100% better now and are excited to get back to work. Sister Hayter and I celebrated her 13th month mark as a missionary at McDonald's! European McDonald's is the same as in America except it looks and smells nicer and it's more expensive. 

Our Investigator gets baptized in two weeks! We are SO excited and we are planning like crazy. I know this church is true and I love being a missionary in Finland!  Jeesuksen Kristuksen nimessa aamen.

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