Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017

This week Sister Adams and I participated in our ward party. It was the celebration for the 175th year of the Relief Society! Tampere has two wards that share the same building and it was a combined event. We sang a song in the program with the Tampere 2 sisters and it was so fun. Finns are so crafty and the decorations were amazing. 

We also had a dinner appointment with these amazing Filipino families in our ward. I think that there was around 30 people there when we showed up and also it was one of the kids birthday party. There was so much Filipino food. They have these deep fryers on their porch and they just kept making more and more egg rolls. And the dessert was this cool sticky rice thing that I can't really describe but we were given a bunch of it to take home. I love Filipinos. They are some of the nicest and funniest people! They make you feel like family and they make you eat at least 10 egg rolls before you leave. 

The Elders in our ward had a baptism this past week that we got to go to. It was this young married couple and they were so excited. In church yesterday they were given the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirmed members of the church. The couple also has a 3 year old daughter and I am excited for her to be able to grow up in the church. It was a great week.

This week is the last full week of the transfer and it blows my mind with how fast it has gone. I feel like my whole mission has gone by pretty fast and that it has continued to speed up every transfer. We get our transfer calls this Friday, Sister Adams already knows her call ( she is going home!) and I am about 90% sure that I will be staying here in Tampere but I guess we will see! I will be really sad to say goodbye to Sister Adams, she and I have become so close and I will miss her a lot. Also it will mean that I  am in my second to last transfer and I don't know if I am ready for that! But I know that God has a plan and that His timing is perfect and that whatever happens will be a great learning experience for me. 

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