Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 18, 2016

Sister Chelsea Lynn Roberts 
Finland Helsinki Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 East
Provo, UT 84602

My mailing information is above. This past Sunday has been amazing. We went to a district meeting ( the 6 of us going to Finland and our branch leaders) and then we had time for a temple walk. It is gorgeous in Utah and the Provo temple is amazing. It's been snowing off and on for the past couple of days so that's been fun. I have used an incredible amount of chap stick, you would not even believe. Then we had relief society later and then sacrament with the entire zone. Right now the zone is just us 6 Finns and the Danes (they're going to Denmark) and we just call them the great Danes because they're pretty cool. We only have 3 guys in the whole zone so passing the sacrament took a while. We are expecting 17 total new missionaries to be added to our zone next wednesday and they're all Sweden and Norway, I think it's 16 sisters and one elder in that group. Our zone has so much girl power and apparently this never happens. I went to choir practice after dinner and I basically slept through the whole thing because they still keep you pretty busy on Sundays. We had an AMAZING fireside by Janice Kapp Perry and she was sooooooo funny! She's in her 80's and she was telling us the story of how she and her husband met in a band class and how the first lines he ever said to her was" those lips look like they're made for something better than playing clarinet" and when she said that Brother Perry who was with her on stage walked up and planted a big kiss on her in front of the entire MTC! It was the best thing ever

I have to go but i will finish telling you everything in my next email!
Love,Sisar Roberts   

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