Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 14, 2016

So we just had Branch Presidency meeting and if i didn't emphasize it enough before THE SPIRIT IS SO STRONG HERE! All of my irritation and my exhaustion and my worries just left the building. I'm sure that those feelings will return but it feels as if whenever I start to doubt myself the spirit decides to remind me why I came out here. The church is true! The leaders and missionaries in the branch are so amazing! We all went around and shared the reason we decided to go on a mission and the spirit was so incredibly strong! I am so glad to be here and I know that I can do this! Please keep me in your prayers, this language is insane! It's crazy how easy and fast it is to love somebody here. It feels as if I've been here for two weeks already because the days are so long and busy. 


Sisar Roberts

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