Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 14, 2016

I have arrived! So the MTC is amazing, the spirit here is so strong! There are about 2000 missionaries here so far and every one is super welcoming and nice. My companion's name is Jessica! But I have to call her Sisar Carter which is still really weird. So in my district there are only 6 of us and 4 of us are girls. The four of us are all in the same room and we practice Finnish together, the other companions are Sisar Burden and Sisar Margetts and all of the girls are from Utah and they're all 19 so I'm the oldest.They are all super sweet and we all get along so far. The elders are called Vanheim Christian and Vanheim Sellers (I'm not sure about the spelling). I don't have a lot of time to write but i love it here and they keep us super busy. LIKE SO BUSY. I have to teach a fake investigator a lesson in Finnish tomorrow with Sisar Carter and that is definitely going to be interesting seeing as I can't speak Finnish. The language is incredibly difficult and I just got out of a 3 hour class and the teachers only speak in Finnish and will continue to do so until we leave. I will be saying my prayers in Finnish from tonight on so it might take me a while but I'm sure the Lord will probably still understand me or at least what I mean to say. They made a new rule here at the MTC that started just this year that you can email home whenever you have free time (btw my p-days are on thursday in the MTC) so i might email home more than once a week but honestly I might not because like I said I'm soooooo busy and literally every Finnish lesson gives me a huge headache that lasts like the entire day. They expect so much of you here and it's kind of a lot of pressure but at the same time I've never felt this close to Christ before so it's definitely worth it. We get to go to the temple on P-days so I'll be going next Thursday. I forgot my camera in my room so i will have to send pictures next time (SORRY MOM DON'T HATE ME). I'm glad I'm here even if the language seems really impossible now I know that the Lord qualifies who he calls and I pray like every ten minutes for the gift of tongues. I love you and I'll write back as soon as I can....maybe next week.


Love, Sisar Roberts

btw you have to roll every single "r" in the Finnish language so introducing myself in Finnish is super fun. =)

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